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Ultimate Kansas City Sampler Buffet 

$35.95 per person
Barbecue Smoked Bone-In Chicken, Babyback Ribs, Burnt Ends, choice of one of our tender meat selections (beef, ham, turkey, sausage or pulled pork)


Choose Your Side Dish:     
• Hickory Smoked Pit Beans
• Creamy Homemade Coleslaw
• Potato Salad
• Cheesy Corn
• Baked Potato ($1.00 Additional Per Person)  

Each buffet is served with the following items:
• Homemade Hickory-Pit Beans   • Homemade Creamy Coleslaw   • CHOICE of Potato Salad or Cheesy Corn    • Dinner Rolls   • Barbecue Sauce   • Coffee, Tea, or Soft Drink


Barbecue Smokies                   $3.95  per person
Cajun or Barbecue Wings      $3.95  per person
Polish Sausage Chunks           $3.95  per person  
Barbecue Meatballs                 $3.95 per person

The Combo Buffet

$28.95 per person
Your choice of two hickory-smoked meats and choice of one additional meat (Babyback Ribs, Pork Ribs, 8 oz Chicken Breast or Burnt Ends)


Gourmet Double Chocolate Brownie   $1.75 per person
Assorted Cake Tray                                  $5.95 per person
   (Chocolate Mousse Cake, Carrot    

    Cake with Nuts & Devils Food Cake)

Burnt Ends                                $3.95 per person
Fruit Tray                              $129.95
Veggie Tray                           $129.95

Choose Your Entrée:     
• 10-oz Barbecue Chicken Breast
• 10-oz King Salmon
• Two 8-oz Pork Chops
• 12-oz Steak


Add to Any Buffet Package


Grilled Fresh Over Hickory Logs.  

$29.95 per person

All entrees grilled fresh over hickory logs. Entrees include house salad, dinner roll, barbecue sauce, pickles and coffee, tea or soft drink.

The Old Fashioned Barbecue Buffet

$24.95 per person

Your choice of two of our tender meat selections (beef, ham, turkey, sausage or pulled pork)

Cookie Tray (2 per person)                     $1.50 per person
Assorted Cookie and Brownie Tray      $2.25 per person
Signature Turtle Cheesecake                 $6.95 per person
Peach Cobbler                                          $2.50 per person

Full bar selection available either Cash or Host Bar

All buffet food will remain on premises after your event.
All rooms for events are reserved for three hours. Additional time, if needed, is $200 per hour.
Children under three eat free. Children 3-10 are half price and children 11 and up are full price.

25 Person Minimum. $200 deposit required on all banquets. Customer is responsible for 100% of confirmed reservation
unless altered 48 hours before banquet.

Cancellation Policy
Your $200 deposit is non-refundable unless canceled 21 days prior to function.
All prices subject to applicable sales tax.
An 18% administration fee will be added for all orders.

A $1.00 plate fee will be added for desserting.