Zucchini Slabs - Sliced zucchini with Parmesan & Romano coating, served with ranch. $6.95

Battered Mushrooms - Battered mushrooms served with ranch dip. $7.45

Sweet Corn Nuggets - Sweet creamed style corn, fried, served with ranch dip. $7.45

Cheddar Dipped Cauliflower - Dipped in a savory cheddar batter, served with ranch dip. $6.95

Smokehouse Country Rings - Onion rings, served with ranch dip. $6.75

KC Potato Skins - Served with side of sour cream. $8.55Add chopped burnt ends for only $1.00.

Combo Platter - Cheddar cauliflower, corn nuggets, onion rings & zucchini. $9.55

BBQ Chicken Wings - Hickory smoked wings: choice of barbecue or Cajun. $8.95

Burnt Ends or Smoked Polish Sausage - Burnt Ends or smoked polish sausage. $7.95

Shrimp Skewer - Shrimp, served with choice of lemon butter, barbecue or Cajun sauce. $8.95

House Salad - Served with spinach, peas, mushrooms, eggs, tomato, bacon and croutons. $4.95

Chef Salad - House salad with Cheddar cheese & choice of two sliced meats.$9.95

Grilled Chicken or Salmon Salad - Topped with chicken breast or King SalmonChicken - $10.95
Salmon - $11.95


Shrimp Caesar Salad - Topped with 7 grilled shrimp, served with Caesar dressing. $10.95

Salad & Sliced Meat Sandwich - House salad and sliced meat sandwich. $10.95

Salad & Salmon Sandwich - House salad and grilled salmon sandwich.$11.95

Junior Smokehouse - Two sliced meats on a sesame seed bun served with slaw and fries. $10.25

Gladstoner - Two sliced meats on 6-inch French roll served with fries. $10.25

Smokehouse Special - Two sliced meats on 10-inch French roll served with fries. $10.95

Crispy - Chopped burnt end sandwich on a sesame seed bun served with slaw and fries. $9.75

Super Crispy - Chopped burnt end sandwich on a toasted French roll with beans and fries. $10.75

Monterey Chicken - Round brioche bun, Dijon mustard, ham, cheese, bacon with beans and fries. $11.95

Sliced Chicken Sandwich - Round brioche bun with tangy barbecue or ranch sauce with fries. $8.95

Chickadee - 8-ounce grilled chicken breast sandwich served with our vegetable medley. $9.95

Smokehouse Cheeseburger - Topped with lettuce and tomato served with beans and fries. $10.95

Texas Hot - Spicy ground pork burger served with beans and French fries. $9.95

Porker Sandwich - Tender marinated pulled pork on a round brioche bun served with fries. $9.95

Ring Of Fire - Sliced meats on round brioche bun with jalapenos and pepperjack served with fries. $9.95

*** All rib plates served with French fries, toast, and pickles.

Pork Spare Ribs - Various sized hickory smoked pork spare ribs. $12.55

Baby Back Ribs - Five tender baby back ribs. $13.45

Beef Back Rib - Mouth watering beef back ribs. $12.95

*** All platters served with hickory pit beans, French fries, toast, and pickles.

Burnt End Platter - Chunks of beef brisket and/or delicious polish sausage. $11.25

Sliced Meat Platters - Choice of two sliced meats; beef, ham, pork, turkey or sausage. $10.95

Pulled Pork Platter - Tender marinated pulled pork. $10.25

Combo Lunch - Choice of two: Burnt Ends, Sliced Meat, 2-pc Chicken, or Ribs. $12.95

Bone-In Chicken -
Smoked chicken served with cheesy corn and fries. 2-Piece $9.95
4-Piece $12.95


Grilled Chicken Tenders - Topped with BBQ or Cajun. Served with cheesy corn and fries. $12.95

Grilled Chicken Breast - 12-oz. chicken breast served with one side dish. $12.95

Chicken Wing - Hickory smoked wings: BBQ or Cajun. Served with cheesy corn and fries. $10.95

Fried Chicken Tender - Chicken tenders served with cheesy corn and fries. $9.95

Whole Slab of Ribs -
Beef, pork or baby back ribs served with coleslaw, fries and beans. $27.95

Mini Gathering - Beef, pork, ham and pork spare ribs with beans, fries, and toast.$19.95

Lunch Feast - Pork spare ribs, sausage and 2-pc chicken with beans, fries, and toast. $16.95

Hickory Pit Beans - Sweet and Tangy, slow-cooked hickory pit beans.Small $2.55
Large $3.95


Cheesy Corn - Melt in your mouth cheesy corn. Small $2.55
Large $3.95


Coleslaw - Creamy homemade coleslaw.$2.55

Potato Salad - Creamy, fresh, and satisfying. $2.95

Corn on the Cob - Crisp, juicy and tasty.$2.95

Applesauce - Sprinkled with spices. $1.95

Steamed Vegetables - In our special seasoned butter (cauliflower, broccoli and carrots). $3.95

Baked Potato - $2.95Available with cheese, bacon or meat for an additional charge.

French Fries - Crisp on the outside, soft in the middle. $2.25

Sweet Potato Fries - Crisp on the outside, soft in the middle. Sprinkled with spices.$2.95

Soda Pop $2.25
Diet Coke
Cherry Coke
Mr. Pibb

Coffee $2.25

Tea $2.25

Sweet Tea $1.75

Lemonade $2.25

Flavored Limeade $2.95

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